Sunday, 4th December 2016 [3:26:54pm]

Welcome to iaSEA

iaSEA is a non-profit organization for Iranian-American Engineers and Architects.

iaSEA is dedicated to promotion and enhancement of Civil Engineering and Architecture as a profession.

In 1995, an effort was spearheaded to start a professional civil engineering organization for the Iranian Civil Engineers in United States, which ultimately culminated in the present day iaSEA.

Initially, the idea of such an organization was promoted by Reza Abassi and Iraj Ghaemi. In the very first few informal discussions, other individuals such as Nasser Abbaszadeh, Farhad Alamolhoda, Nashat Motallabi, and

iaSEA Goals

  • The Society's goals and objectives as follows:

    • Networking opportunities for members and associates
    • Ability for members to tap into a large pool of expertise in engineering, architectural and related fields
    • Help provide employment opportunities for engineers and architects
    • Recognition of the accomplishments of Iranian-American Engineers and Architects
    • Expansion of member's capabilities by sharing experiences


  • 13 July Summer Trip
    iaSEA holds a summertime picnic for members and associates, in July or August of each year.
  • 28 February Newsletters
    The society Newsletter is published on a quarterly basis with articles and news about the organization and its members.
  • 06 February Election
    The members select new Board of Directors annually in January and the officers assume leadership in April of the same year.